Feb 8th, 2010

Hi there and thanks for dropping by Teddy's Tidbits. This area of the website is going to be devoted to my thoughts and impressions, about the Desolation Sound Studio's artists, their songs, and many of the cool things that are happening in the studio, both now and in the future.

All words are and will be my own, for better or worse, and any opinions expressed are only that - opinions, and considering the source, may be disregarded without penalty or fear of reprisals. (Unless I know where you live.)

I am delighted to have a forum to discuss what I feel is some of the finest music being made in British Columbia at this time, and is also going to be fun to delve into the vault so to speak, and comment on prior albums, and prior songs.

It should be noted that the contents of Teddy's Tidbits are machine washable and completely biodegradable. Also please be assured that no small children or animals were harmed in the process of compiling these words.