Oct 11th, 2010

Been a while since I have been sober enough to sit down and write coherently for a new edition of Teddy’s Tidbits, but is well before noon as I write this, so the words should come out ok, and may even make sense, well to some anyway.

One of the albums featured on this site proves without a doubt that Lorne is not the only Jones boy with a healthy dose of talent.

Norm Jones, Lorne’s bro, has been going at it as long or longer than Lorne has, (and also has been singing and writing music for a very long time as well), and the fruits of his labours are showcased very nicely in his debut album "After all this time".

You know how good it feels to kick off those high heels at the end of a long day and put on a pair of comfy old slippers - well neither do I,(except for those special Saturday night's that we don't talk about much) but listening to Norm sing the original songs on this album, and the covers of some of his favourite songs, reminds me very much of how good it feels to put on something comfortable after a bitch of a day..

Instantly your cares and woes disappear, you are caught up in the words and the voice, the reality and sincerity of the performances. Norm Jones is obviously very talented, and very relaxed as a performer, and it shows in each and every one of the fine songs on this album.

The 10 song compilation begs for listening, over and over again. It just keeps getting better each time around. I keep going back to the comfort thing - But this album by Norm Jones is comfort food - comfort food for the soul...

Have a listen, and you shall become a believer.... Bravo Norm.... A genuine treat in an era of cookie cutter music....

One of the cool things about Lorne Jones is that he just don't get it. He don't seem to understand that it is just not possible without experience and or training to just sit your butt down and make yourself a music video.

See a couple of months back, Lorne was looking at some video footage from the tug, spectacular footage of life on the water of the west coast, and decided that he would edit, cut, clip, and darn well make a music video, featuring one of his as yet unreleased songs, sung by the incomparable Henry Crevier.

Not sure how long it took to put together, knowing Lorne likely not long, but the end result is a video that is so breathtakingly beautiful, so stunning, and so real, that is hard to imagine it being made by a video producing rookie, which is for sure what Lorne was at the time.

The word on the street is that this video will end up on this website before too long, and am sure the sentiments of all who see it will echo this writers - Holy Shit !! That is so good.......

Being family, -poor Debbie and Lorne -, was given a chance to preview this music video, and actually have a copy of my very own, and rarely a day goes by where it does not get played and marvelled over.

In fact, a couple of weeks ago had some friends over, folks who have lived in the island all of their lives and played the video for them. They were blown away - said they had seen the West Coast as never before, and this from people who are not strangers to the ocean and all its beauty and power.

Have also heard that there is a second music video complete now - and apparently this one is something completely different, but extremely funny..

Hummmmmm, Sounds like about time for Teddy to collect some Bud's and head over to Desolation Sound Studio's for an evening of great entertainment.

As you can see from Lorne's website, there is another album in production as of this writing... If the songs I have heard in the past year or so make it on to this cd, rest assured fellow listeners, Cd # 2 will be everything Tugman was, and more, much much more...

News flash --- Channel 7 Eyewitness News ---- Boy trapped in refrigerator eats own foot....... Film at 11 !!!