March 29th, 2010

So the Tugman album - hard to believe many of us have been listening to this album for a few years now. The songs still seen fresh, full of life, and fun.

The massive array of talent that came together to join Lorne on this album is documented elsewhere on the site, but upon first listen, it is quite apparent that these artists and musicians enjoyed making music of the tunes that Lorne took out of his head, and put onto paper.

If you have ever been out on the open seas during a nor'easter, you will surely relate to the first cut on the cd - " When It Blows It Sucks: - this fast paced, tongue in cheek song tells it like it is, cause when you are out there in the jungle, well when the going gets tough, there really ain't no way to duck - It ain't like driving a truck.

Lorne has penned a true masterpiece with the second cut - “Can’t Let Go ". This song amazes both myself and everyone else I know who has listened to it. It strikes this writer that it is hard enough to write a good song lyric, let alone blend two totally different, and yet quite similar stories of tragedy on the waters of the west coast. All song writers are story tellers of course, but with this one, Lorne has gone where few have gone before. This song is incredibly complex in its composition and presentation. It is heart wrenching, and in fact it has even been known to make this old fart get a little teary eyed as he listens to it in the early morning with his bucket of beer alongside.

Jess Lee, a long time major force in the country music scene in North America sings lead vocals on this one, with the superbly talented Henry Crevier singing harmony vocals.

This song is so good that it would be worth the price of the album even if it was the only song on it.