Hello Tug fans, well the new album is finally here and ready for market. I know that it has been a long time coming but things have been busy out working on the tugs, which makes progress in the studio slow.

I’d like to start off by saying thank you to everyone who purchased the first cd TUGMAN, it was a lot of fun writing and recording in our new Desolation Sound Studio
located in Campbell River. The response from people was more then we expected. My son Capt. Dan Jones and I built the studio and recorded Tugman as a way to get the studio up and running and gain knowledge recording and mixing, so again, thanks everyone from coast to coast for giving us the opportunity to do it again.

I would also like to thank my wonderful friends and family for their support, without this it would never have happened.

To my very talented musician buddies who went out of they’re way to support this project in so many ways. Jess Lee, Henri Crevier, Bob Grant, John Young, Wayne Bassett, Heidi and Carmen the Marlaine Sisters, Al Medcalf and Pat Hetu I can’t thank you enough for your help and support. Jamie Jam Clark a great buddy and inspiration with his musical talents, song writing and singing along with so much enthusiasm I had to record another cd if only to expose Jam’s great lyrics to everyone.

To my son Dan, thanks again for putting up with me in the studio, all your expertise as an engineer and your fine job mixing. I am very proud of you not only for your work in the studio but as a tug captain, a father and a human being………..way to go Dan.

To Laurie Clark my friend and publishing partner, (Ell n Ell Publishing) thank you so much for all your behind the scene work again, from copyrights to publishing, Cd covers to sales and of course building and maintaining websites…….wow we all thank you Laurie.

Out On The Boat Again is the name of the new album and the first cut sung by the fabulous Henri Crevier…..what a voice, wonderful job Henri. This seemed like a good name for the album, as that is where we’ve spent so much of our time in the last several years; things have been busy out here on the west coast, with industry moving stuff all over the coast and logging still very busy, it’s a great life for so many of us, it’s like truck driving on the water (lol) and we love to share some of our stories and unique experiences with everyone.

The front cover of the cd is a picture of the Ivanhoe which was givin to me by my brother Capt. Bud Jones who was Master on her at the time. Buddy, who has been a coastal marine pilot for the past 42 and half years is such a great supporter of ‘The Tugs’ along with brothers Howard and Norman, thanks a million to you guys.

The back cover is a photo of the Sudbury II which our late uncle Capt.Frank Culbard was Master on…..good ol uncle Foghorn Frank, we didn’t want to leave him out of the mix as we are very proud of him and his achievements as a deep sea Tug Master. Uncle Frank was later Master of the John Ross now renamed the Smit Amandala which at one time was considered the largest most powerful tug in the world.

Last but not least I’d like to say thanks to my beautiful daughter Britt who I am so proud of, she gave me my biggest support with my grandsons Curtis and Cody, along with Dan’s children Norah and Sam……I love you guys so much.

I hope everyone enjoys the new cd and good sailing to all.

Lorne Jones