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Jess Lee - Standing On Sacred Ground
Jess Lee was recently inducted into the British Columbia Country Music Hall of Fame at the beautiful Red Robinson Theater in Coquitlam and we would like to say congratulations to you Jess, way to go buddy and well deserved, and I might add I told you, you didn’t have to die first. That trophy case must be getting pretty full. But even more exciting than the awards, Jess has a brand new album coming out very soon we are very excited about this one for a lot of reasons. To me Jess is singing better............. well maybe not better, but Jess is still Jess, one of the great country singers and song writers of our generation.

The new album has some fantastic new songs penned by Jess himself, and if you were lucky enough to be at the award ceremony at the Red Robinson you would agree when Jess sang his “Just Think About That” it was more than well received. I also wanted to mention that the new album also has a remake of one of the greatest Midnight Rodeo songs of all time. I’ve been lucky enough to listen to and even have an unmixed version and the vocal sounds amazing.

Jess came up and stayed with us here at DSS for a couple of weeks after the awards and we did a lot of work towards both his new album and The Tugs new album. Jess has been unbelievable in helping me with my projects (along with several other friends which I will talk about latter) of writing and recording my album Lorne Jones and The Tugs “Tugman” and the soon to be out new album which has the same general theme of the last album. It’s about life from the perspective of people who work on tug boats and we feel that we have succeeded in doing so both lyrically and musically.

Jess is back at home in Edmonton putting the finishing touches on his album while I’m basically doing the same thing here at DSS with the new Tugs album. It is great with modern technology how we can stay in touch and work on these projects from afar, I refer to myself as an analog guy in a digital world but I’m getting the hang of a few things, like I just typed Anyways will keep you informed on progress of both these albums.