Lorne Jones

 After a decade of taking a sabbatical from the fast paced life of a successful recording artist, Lorne Jones has returned to his passion of music to record a West Coast Album. Lorne is west coast born & raised and the CD, nautical in theme, features stories he has lived and witnessed as a Tug Boat Captain for the past 11 years. Legendary players like Jess Lee, Henri Crevier, Ray O’Toole, Kevin Nickel, Randy Raymond, Chris Allan, Bob Grant, are just a few who have come together with Lorne to tell the stories of life on the sea. Desperados, Perfect Stranger, Jess Lee Band are some of the bands Lorne has played with in the past.

Years of dedication and his passion for music has resulted in Lorne Jones telling the stories of his life and others in the form of Songs. Anyone who has ever made a living on the water will relate to the happy times and the tragic times that go hand in hand in the life of a Tugman or Fisherman.

Tow boating is a wonderful and exciting way to make a living; it is the lifeline for Coastal Communities and Industries for many thousands of miles up and down Inlets and Channels of the Inside Passage. (Jungles)

Songs like “Jungle Fever” refer to a way of life where logging families lived in their Camps raising kids and doing schooling by the mail, a lifestyle now nearly gone forever. Songs like “When It Blows, It Sucks” or “Shit Happens” are self-explanatory fun songs written about – Well - You know who you are. Other songs like “Can’t Let Go” or “Running Light” are songs of despair that many of us have experienced.

Engineered by Dan Jones, Recorded and Mixed at Desolation Sound Studios in Campbell River.

This album is dedicated to the loving memory of my beautiful niece Kim Marquette and to my brother Craig Jones. Your memories are always in the forefront of my mind. Also to the memories of Tugboat Mariners I have known throughout my life that have now “Crossed the Bar”

Included is a 24 page insert with many pictures of tugs and tug boaters