Jamie Clark

Raw, Rough, Rowdy, Ready, Red & Real are just a few words that describe Jamie and are among the components to have in the making of a great entertainer, add to that the sound of a voice that just makes you wanna listen to the great & interesting stories he has to tell. An absolute pure story teller, always fun to be around and never boring that’s for sure. I have known Jamie since his high school days when he played on the football team with my son Dan. Jamie was into playing, singing and most definitely writing lyrics back then, and even before that he tells me.

After a few years of working the rigs back in Alberta, and I might add honing his skills as a writer, writing songs about the rigs and his dramatic life experiences, he moved back to his true love the Westcoast.

For the past couple of years, Jamie has been one of the crew on the Tug I run out of Campbell River. He has worked very hard in that two years, not only as a crew member, but as a dedicated Singer, Songwriter and Musician. To me, he is not only a good friend, but an inspiration to myself and Desolation Sound Studio. It is a great pleasure to watch him grow in the great world of music and I’m dedicated to helping him make his own brand and his own imprint.

Jamie has enough material now for his own album and we are presently working on that. In the meantime, soon there will be a couple of downloads you can enjoy, Captain Sane and Drunken Ship.